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My Company and I


Rob Cheatham and Co.

Rob is a singer/ songwriter from Charlottesville, VA and has had the privilege of playing in hard working bands for many years; such as, The Nice Jenkins, Gunchux, and The Borrowed Beams of Light. 


He was born and raised in Richmond, VA. In 2002 my desire to write and produce music finally became a reality when he left RVA for Philadelphia. From there he moved to Charlottesville, where he co-founded the The Nice Jenkins, an indie pop band with cacophonous sound and energy. He quickly found himself entrenched in the Charlottesville music scene, where he remains an active and vocal leader.


The music reflects the character of the places where he has lived and grown. 

Rob feels incredibly lucky to be surrounded by a group of amazing and talented musicians. He performs in duo, trio and full band formats. 



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